SharePoint sul Cloud: SharePoint Online (Office 365) Vs. SharePoint On-premises (Azure)

CMS Wire ha pubblicato un interessante articolo di Chris McNulty sulla comparazione e orientamento della scelta SharePoint Online Vs. On-premies (pensando a una Farm dedicata su Azure).

Si tratta di un confronto tra il Cloud SaaS e IaaS di Microsoft.

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Leggendo l’articolo originale hai la possibilità di analizzare il significato del punteggio emerso dalle tue risposte.

Ecco la legenda:

You are comparatively free of the history and capabilities of many on-premises environments. As a result, you’re a strong candidate for Office 365. You will get immediate benefits from the platform services without needing to disrupt existing content patterns or internal processes.
You have the classic posture of an on-premises environment. If you are trying to gain some of the advantages of the cloud, an IaaS solution like Azure VMs may be a stronger fit for your organization. Based on your use cases, a hybrid between O365 and Azure may also introduce some of the service simplicity of Office 365 with the complete admin control from Azure.
On premises forever! You can work on other projects for the year while your needs progress and the solutions improve.

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